Hillary Clinton: "Of Course I Never Endangered National Security"


Hillary Clinton talks about her private server and national security in an interview on Sunday's This Week with his George Stephanopoulos. Transcript, via ABC News:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, "THIS WEEK" HOST: Finally, on Fox News Sunday last week, President Obama defended you on the email issue, saying he’s confident you didn’t jeopardize national security, even though he said there was carelessness in managing your emails. Have you ever spoken to President Obama about this and do you agree with his conclusion that you were careless?

CLINTON: I have not spoken to him. I appreciate what he said because of course I never endangered national security. That’s absolutely false. And I’ve said it was a mistake. It wasn’t the best choice. And now we know Colin Powell had a private email account. Aides to Condi Rice. So I think that what’s going on will be resolved. Obviously all of us will go forward knowing what we now know making sure that no one can raise any questions in the future.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Confident of victory Tuesday?

CLINTON: I’m very hopeful. I love being in New York. I love campaigning in New York, downstate, upstate, everywhere in the state. We’re going to work as hard as we can because I also want to elect Democrats. You know, I am raising money to elect other Democrats. I’m a Democrat. And I want to see us take back the Senate. I want to see us have a very strong showing in the House. I want to take back governorships and state legislatures, all up and down the ticket.

So I want to win in New York, of course, and I want to secure the nomination, but not just for me. I want to bring along a lot of Democrats because I want to protect and further the progressive agenda that President Obama has worked for and that I believe in.

Clinton also would not agree to releasing paid speech transcripts despite her Senate successor, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), saying she should:

Clinton says she "could care less" about Trump now calling her "Crooked Hillary":

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