Prosecutor Declines To Charge Trump Camp's Lewandowski: Michelle Fields Was Told To Stay Back


Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg officially announced Thursday afternoon his office will not prosecute Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery by the Palm Beach Police Department after an incident with then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields as Trump's entourage was exiting a press conference in Jupiter, Florida in March. Fields claimed Lewandowski grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. Lewandowski denied the accusation and called Fields delusional.

A new lengthy video released today showed Fields was told by a member of Trump's security detail to stay in a particular area as the presidential candidate exited the premises.

Aronberg said video evidence shows Field first made contact with Trump followed with Lewandowski grabbing her. Speaking about the video, Aronberg said prior to the incident Fields was directed to the back of the room for Trump's exit. She initially complied, the state attorney said, but proceeded to "walk directly alongside Mr. Trump." Here's how he described the situation:

[Trump] had a number of Secret Service agents attempting to maintain space between him and the public. The full video recording shows Secret Service agents clearing the pathway ahead of Mr. Trump. Specifically it appears that Ms. Fields was directed to the back of the room along with other members of the media. After initially complying with the directive, Ms. Fields returned to the pathway area and walked directly along side Mr. Trump attempting to ask questions of him. It appears based on the freeze frames from the video recording and independent photograph taken by a Washington Post photographer that Ms. Fields brushed or touched Mr. Trump's arm. He then appears to react to ms. fields by pulling his arm back and away from her. At which time Mr. Lewandowski reached forward and grabbed Ms. Felds' arm pulling her away from Mr. Trump.

Aronberg said based on the series events the campaign manager has a "reasonable hypothesis of innocence."

TMZ reports prosecutors received a sworn affidavit from a Secret Service agent that Lewandowski's actions were appropriate.

Watch the full press conference:

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