Trump: Reagan Had a 30% Favorability, And By The Time The Election Took Place It Was An Easy Victory


Donald Trump likens himself to Ronald Reagan in his successful bid for the presidency against Jimmy Carter in 1980 at a campaign event in Rome, New York. Trump said like Reagan he has low favorables, "but by the time the election took place it was a big victory" for the Republican icon.

"I haven't even started on Hillary and my numbers are better right now than Ronald Reagan's numbers were with Jimmy Carter," Trump said Tuesday night. "Ronald Reagan was great. He had a 30% favorability and he was behind Jimmy Carter by so much. Everybody said this is going to be a disaster."

"Jimmy Carter wanted to run against Ronald Reagan. He said, 'Oh please, let Reagan run.' And he was so far behind, Reagan, and by the time the election took place it was a big victory, an easy victory for Reagan. That's what happens," Trump said.

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