Fournier: Obama Administration Has Probably Been The Least Transparent In Nation's History


Ron Fournier comments on reports that the Justice Department hid emails regarding the Fast & Furious program from the House Government Oversight Committee.

RON FOURNIER: It would be really easy for me as a member of the mainstream media to say the Republican party is overreaching here and this isn't a scandal; it's a bad policy that went wrong... I think the real issue here is what Steve [Hayes] was talking about. We cannot have a healthy democracy in the digital age, in the modern age, without more transparency in our government.

And President Obama not only said what you said but he also said from now on there is going to be a presumption that every document that is produced by my government will be public unless we can make the presumptive argument that it needs to be private. Instead, he has factually been the least transparent administration probably in this nation's history, certainly in modern time. It comes at a time when people are demanding to have more transparency in their government, when we need to have more transparency in our government and when we are losing all trust in our government.

When you have something like this where the administration is clearly lying, it's clearly hiding documents that belong to us, not them and their Secretary of State with her emails. We really have a problem. And we all do. Not just the Democratic party. Not just the Republican party, but how are we going to conduct our government in this coming century?

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