Trump Senior Policy Advisor: Illegal Immigration, Foreign Policy & Trade Driving Trump Wins


Former senior aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller joins Chris Stirewalt to talk about the GOP frontrunner’s broad policy proposals, like a building a wall on the border with Mexico, and how they would be implemented.

STEPHEN MILLER: If you look at Trump's original campaign announcement speech in June, there were three main policy areas where he outlined a new direction for the GOP based on where the voters are. immigration, trade and foreign policy -- ISIS stuff. The foriegn policy is based more on American interests, obviously the trade policy based on keeping jobs in America, and then the immigration piece... These are three areas where the voters are, that the politicians are not.

The key thing to understand is we have something in place right now called E-Verify. We can check like that if you are here legally or illegally. You apply that same principle to illegal immigrants...

It would not be legal Mexican immigrants sending money back home.

It is only illegal immigrants who are engaging in an inherently illegal activity -- because they are wiring funds that were derived against the laws of a criminal act.

CHRIS STIREWALT, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: So he has this authority without Congressional action? Does he need extra funds to do it?

STEPHEN MILLER: It would more than pay for itself because this is billions and billions of dollars we are talking about here.

Again, the wages you earn as an illegal immigrant -- you're working illegally, you probably have an illegal social security card, an illegal identity. But it is a criminal act.

Another important point about this is Mexico would not have to be brought "to their knees," to quote. Even if Mexico says they don't want to play ball with you, the remittances will still pay for the border wall either way.

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