Trump Camp's Manafort on Delegates: "We Are Compiling Evidence, Going To Be Filing Several Credentials Challenges"


Paul Manafort charges the Cruz campaign with "backroom tactics" and "abuse" of Trump supporters at delegate-selecting meetings. On Tuesday's edition of Hannity, the Trump delegate manager said the campaign is "compiling evidence" and will challenge the credentials of some Cruz delegates.

"A pattern at the local levels abusing the amaterness of the enthusiasm of republicans who want to participate in the process and are being cut out by backroom tactics that is the hallmark of the Cruz campaign," Manafort said on the FOX News Channel.

"We are compiling evidence, we’re gonna be filing several credentials challenges and whether we win on the challenges or not, the point on what’s happening if you go to these meetings and you’re not a Cruz supporter, you don’t want to be a Republican when you leave cause you’re so abused," Manafort told Hannity.

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