Ted Cruz: Roger Stone Incites Violence Like A Mobster, He Is "Pulling The Strings On Donald Trump"


On Sean Hannity's radio show Tuesday afternoon, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz sounded off on his rival Donald Trump's "mafia tactics." Saying that his longtime friend and off-the-record adviser Roger Stone, "has been his henchman for years, has explicitly threatened the delegates with violence."

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TED CRUZ: It is a systematic Trump strategy. Roger Stone, hwo has been Trump's chief political adviser, threatened at the convention --he said we're going to make public the hotel rooms of any delegates who cross Donald -- threatening violence.

SEAN HANNITY: Is [Roger Stone] still with the [Trump] campaign still, I thought he was gone?

CRUZ: He is pulling the strings on Donald Trump. He planned the Trump campaign, and he is Trump's henchman and dirty trickster. And this pattern, Donald keeps associating himself with people who encourage violence...

We should not be inciting violence. Donald is not Michael Corleone. It is wrong to be threatening delegates, to be threatening voters with physical violence. His campaign is behaving like Democratic union thugs, threatening violence...

HANNITY: This is a very severe allegation. Do you have evidence Trump himself is involved in this... or are these just his supporters?

CRUZ: ... Roger Stone, who has been his henchman for years, has explicitly threatened the delegates with violence. Saying, 'We are going to make public the hotel [room] numbers... They're following the Roger Stone directive, engaging in violence...

That's the world Trump comes from, and it is the people he hires.

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