Roger Stone: "Tricky" Ted Cruz "Continues To Lie About Me," Reminds Me Of Richard Nixon


Longtime Donald Trump friend and off-the-record advisor Roger Stone spoke to Alex Jones Tuesday to respond to personal attacks from presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who today called him a "henchman and dirty trickster" who is "threatening voters with physical violence."

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Roger Stone said last week that he would ask Trump supporters to find RNC delegates in their hotel rooms and lobby them directly. "Come to Cleveland," Stone said. "Don’t let the big steal go forward without massive protest. Peaceful, nonviolent protest."

ROGER STONE: This reaches all the way to the top of the Ted Cruz campaign, and it is not suprising. We've seen these tactics from the Cruzbots before. Who can forget the way they planted a story on CNN that Dr. Ben Carson was getting out of the race, and then they contacted a preidentified list of Carson voters --thousands of them-- and told them CNN just reported Ben Carson is getting out, don't throw away your vote and vote for Ted Cruz.

And then when they got caught, Ted Cruz reminds me of Dick Nixon. He was out there saying I knew nothing about this. No. He knew everything about it.

And the robocalls into South Carolina saying Donald Trump support the "gayand lesbian agenda."

And the robocalls into South Carolina telling pro-life voters Donald Trump and his wife supported abortion on demand.

Ted Cruz whines about "dirty tricks," but he is the master of dirty tricks. That's why I call him tricky Ted. He is not what he says he is. He is a Bush family retainer. He is responsible for the election of George W. Bush, he wrote the legal argument for Bush v. Gore, he recruited John Roberts and put him in the position to approve Obamacare, this is the real Ted Cruz.

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