Priebus on Colorado: "It's The Same Thing That Happened Four Years Ago"


RNC chairman Reince Priebus appears on On The Record to address accusations from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that the primary system is corrupt and the establishment is complicit.

Priebus explained the process of how a delegate is chosen, all the way from the local level to the state convention.

"This isn't something that happens over one day. This is an organizational process that candidates have to be involved with from the very beginning," Priebus said.

"It's the same thing that happened four years ago," Priebus added.

However, it was not until last year that the Colorado Republican party decided to change the way they pick a presidential candidate and the rules on its delegate selection process. Colorado Republicans used to hold a caucus to decide the state's winner. Rick Santorum won the 2012 Republican caucus.

Host Greta van Susteren challenged Priebus on his claim that nothing has changed.

"Except isn't there a little difference though because last August on the 25th, they made the announcement that they weren't going to have the presidential preference straw poll. Doesn't that make it a little bit different that that didn't happen?" the FOX News Channel host asked the RNC chairman.

Priebus dismissed the voter-decided presidential preference straw poll as a beauty pageant.

"No, not at all," Priebus responded. "That's just a beauty contest. A straw poll is like the Ames Straw Poll. People spend money to have a straw poll -- it isn't any a primary, it isn't a caucus."

"There is nothing mysterious about this," Priebus argued.

From an article in the Denver Post dated August 25, 2015:

State Republican Party Chairman Steve House said the party's 24-member executive committee made the unanimous decision Friday — six members were absent — to skip the preference poll.

The move, he said, would give Colorado delegates the freedom to support any candidate eligible at the Cleveland convention in July. Republican National Committee officials confirmed that the change complies with party rules...

The GOP executive committee has voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll after the national party changed its rules to require a state's delegates to support the candidate who wins the caucus vote...

With the change, the only way Colorado Republican delegates would remain relevant is the remote chance that no candidate emerges as a clear winner in the primary contest. In this case, the state's unbound delegates would receive significant attention and may hold the key to victory in a floor fight.

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