Trump: "It's A Very Arcane System," But I Won Many More States, More Votes Than Cruz


DONALD TRUMP: It's a very arcane system. I mean I thought when I started --I've never done this before-- I've only been a politician for eight months, nine or ten months. But I was winning the states -- and I guess I do win. I won 22 states against perhaps 9 or 10 or something like that.

And I've been winning the vote; million over [Cruz]. Go to Louisiana, I'll give you an example. Louisiana I won, in the vote, everybody says great, television is on, everyone is happy. And then through some underhanded, arcane, rules the one that lost gets more delegates than the one that won. Tell me, is that fair?

Forgetting about the rules, is that fair?

They have these things, like landmines, all over the place, it is unfair.

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