George Will Defends Cruz: There Are "New York Political Values" Not Shared By The Rest Of The Country


GEORGE WILL: I don't think the New York values hurts him in New York because he's really not trying to win New York, either now or in November. He's trying to pick up delegates. That's why he went to a Dominican-Chinese restaurant, you have to love this country, Dominican-Chinese restaurant at the most Democratic district in the country in the Bronx where Mitt Romney got 3% of the vote last time. Why did he go there? Because each of the 27 districts in New York gets three delegates. He can pick them up along the way and hold Mr. Trump below 75 delegates and have a success.

About New York Values, he was not saying New York firemen are any less brave than New Mexico firemen. That is not the point. 9/11 is not the point. He was saying I'm campaigning in a city which last September the City Council voted to honor Ethel Rosenberg, the traitor who with her husband Julius sold out United States secrets to Stalin. This is a city in which the mayor spent part of his youth working for the Sandinistas. There are New York political values and they're not shared by the rest of country.

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