Mark Levin Defends Ted Cruz: "Count Me As Never Trump"


Mark Levin reverses course on the #NeverTrump faction of the Republican party days after he castigated the group as asinine frauds who are not real conservatives. Levin also hit Roger Stone for his "sleazeball" tactics in his commentary. The nationally-syndicated radio host has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president.

MARK LEVIN: I’ve backed Cruz, and I’m going to continue to back Cruz, but here’s what I’m going to do. As a result of what the Trump supporters have attempted here, particularly Roger Stone, I am not voting for Donald Trump. Period. … And if anybody has a problem with that, Donald Trump, you can talk to Roger Stone. These bully, dirty tricks, Nixonian tactics, they’re only going to backfire. They’re only going to backfire. So, count me as never Trump. There’s been too much of this folks, way too much of this. The crap in the National Enquirer against Ted Cruz, the attacks on Michelle Fields, I mean, I can go right through the list, too much, too much, too much. At some point, you’ve got to stand up to it.

And if they piss me off one more time, I’m going to urge millions and millions of you, should he get the nomination, not to vote for him either. And ‘Ooh, Roger Stone has nothing to do with the campaign.’ Oh yes he does.

(via Breitbart Video)

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