Ted Cruz on New York Primary: "Jobs, Freedom, Security" Message Works Everywhere


Ted Cruz joins FNC's O'Reilly Factor to discuss the uproar over his comments about "New York Values" ahead of that state's primary, the delegate math against Donald Trump, and what his conservative message offers New Yorkers.

BILL O'REILLY: [Trump] is going to go out and do his, "Lyin' Ted" routine, I don't know what he calls Kasich this week, but he'll figure out a name. I'm just wondering, what your positive message is to New Yorkers? What are you selling us?

TED CRUZ: We just did a rally in Schenectady, there were thousands of people standing in line. And my positive message --the exact same thing I focused on in... Wisconsin-- Jobs, freedom, and security.

My number one priority as president is bringing jobs back to America.

O'REILLY: But New York specifically. You've got a governor who doesn't want to frack. If you frack, it helps upstate enormously.

CRUZ: Those are New York politician values.

O'REILLY: But you're not going to force Cuomo to frack. I don't know how you're going to bring jobs to New York specifically.

CRUZ: You bring jobs by repealing Obamacare, by passing a flat tax, abolishing the IRS, riegning in federal regulators and sanctuary cities, we'll see millions of high-paying jobs, wages rising and we'll see young people coming out of school with opportunity and three or four jobs offers again... Americans who corrupt Washington has been leaving behind.

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