CNN's Toobin: Cruz's Comments About New York Are "Anti-Semitic... 'Money And Media' Means Jews"


CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Thursday that Ted Cruz's comments about "New York valies" were "an obvious anti-Semitic trope from a hundred years ago."

"Let's remember what Ted Cruz said. He said New York values are money and the media," Toobin said. "Everyone in the whole country understands what he was saying."

"Money and media is Jews," he said.

"I mean this is just an old-fashioned, anti-Semitic stereotype, derogatory term and everybody understands it," Toobin said when Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer argued that Cruz says he is referring to New York liberals like Go. Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio.

"It is people like Mayor Bill de Blasio. It is people like Gov. Cuomo," Cruz said on "Good Morning America" Thursday.

"Oh really?" Toobin said. "They have nothing to do with money and media. Money and media is Jews."

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