Trump On Long Island: Cruz Lectures Me On "New York Values... Like We're No Good"


RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Bethpage, NY and spoke to an overflow crowd of an estimated 18,000 supporters at Grumman Studios.

[beginning at 10:00]

DONALD TRUMP: Can anybody not hear me clearly?

... You know "Lyin' Ted" Cruz came [to New York today], he couldn't draw a hundred people. A hundred people. I'm telling you, in fact there was a big headline today in the NYP -- He couldn't draw 100 people.

Do you remember during the debate, he started lecturing me on "New York Values" like we're no good.

And I started talking to him about the World Trade Center, the bravery; the incredible bravery of everyone. The police, the firefighters, everyone.

Better believe it.

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