Mika Brzezinski: If Trump Is 'PG-13,' The Clintons Were Rated 'R': "Vulgar People Come in Different Shapes and Sizes"


MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski responds to Jeffrey Epstein's Sunday column in the Wall Street Journal lamenting the fall of decency American politics.

"The only people willing to put up with the scourging that running for office now entails are those of vast and usually empty ambition. Viewing the candidates of both parties during the debates, one felt that nearly every one of the participants was in business for him- or herself," Epstein wrote. "Today it is difficult to engage the interest of much of the public in anything above the level of scandal. Serious political discourse has long been one casualty of this; civility is now another. The consequences of these losses are likely to be on exhibition, in HD, in a Trump-Clinton election contest, which figures to be America’s first PG-13 race for the presidency. My advice is don’t let the kids watch it."

Brzezinski's reaction:

BRZEZINSKI: Umm. I would just argue you probably didn't want to watch politics back in 1992. Or 1998. Or 1999... Let's not pretend any of this stuff is new and all of a sudden vulgar because it is Donald Trump.

Vulgar people come in all different shapes and sizes.

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