Former Cruz Advisor Rick Tyler on MSNBC: "Dangerous" Roger Stone Should Be Banned From Convention


Former Cruz advisor and now MSNBC contributor Rick Tyler said Thursday Republican operative and off and on Trump advisor Roger Stone is "dangerous" and should be banned from attending the Republican national convention in Cleveland. Last week, Stone talked about a convention "day of rage" where rogue delegations would be hunted down.

This past weekend Stone threatened to disclose "hotels and the room numbers of delegates directly involved in the steal."

Tyler, you may recall, was Ted Cruz's campaign spokesman until he was fired for spreading a "false" story about Marco Rubio criticizing the Bible.

"Roger Stone just threatened delegates attending the convention in Cleveland saying he would publicize delegates' hotel rooms and hotel room numbers if the Trump campaign felt like they were part of stealing delegates from Donald Trump," Tyler said on MSNBC this afternoon.

"Now, he said that after he called on Trump supporters to come to Cleveland and somehow protest the process if Donald Trump were denied the nomination. I think that is dangerous. We are a free society in America. We're not a third world country. We don't threaten violence against delegates and I think Reince Priebus and RNC should move to ban Roger Stone from the convention because we cannot tolerate threats," Tyler demanded.

"Donald Trump should repudiate his remarks," Tyler also said.

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