Cruz Talks "New York Values" in Bronx: Trump "Gets Very Angry When Voters Reject Him"


Ted Cruz responds to Donald Trump's statement after he lost the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary to the Texas Senator last night. Cruz held his first press availability with reporters since his victory in Wisconsin.

"If he wants to engage in insults, he's welcome to do so. He gets very angry when the voters reject him. He likes to yell and scream and insult and curse," Cruz said Wednesday in New York City.

Cruz defined what "New York values" are.

"The people of New York know exactly what [New York values] are. They're the values of liberal Democrats like Andrew Cuomo, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Charlie Rangel, all of thom Donald Trump has supported. If you want to know what liberal Democratic values are, follow Donald Trump's checkbook," Cruz explained.

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