Donald Trump Calls Out MSNBC's Chris Jansing As "Dishonest Media" After Loaded Leading Question


Outside a polling place in Wisconsin Tuesday morning, MSNBC's Chris Jansing is either not listening to what Trump is talking about, or she is making a deliberate attempt to bait Donald Trump into saying that by campaigning in Wisconsin is going into "enemy territory."

CHRIS JANSING: You don't feel ill-served to go on, for example a very popular talk radio show, and you didn't know the host was anti-Trump.

DONALD TRUMP: I don't mind that, you go into the enemy camp sometimes, to take on the enemy. He's not a very smart guy, not a very bright guy, and if you listen to the entire show -- You would say Donald Trump won that debate. I was on the show for 15 minutes.

Everybody that listened to that show, said you convinced me. I've had people call me who were going to vote against me, they listened to me, by the end of that show they wrote me too -- I have two or three letters. They wrote, and said by the end of that show, you totally convinced me. So sometimes you go into unfriendly territory, that's part of the game.

CHRIS JANSING: And that's what you consider Wisconsin to be?

DONALD TRUMP: No, you said about a radio talk show host. That's what I mean about the dishonest media.

CHRIS JANSING: I'm asking you a question and allowing you to answer.

TRUMP: Excuse me. You're asking me about a show host. And I said that he is unfriendly territory. And you said, is that Wisconsin. That's so dishonest. That's called. You know what that's called? Dishonest reporting.

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