Trump: "We May Have A Global Warming Problem, But It Will Be Of The Nuclear Variety"


Donald Trump hit President Obama for saying global warming is the greatest threat to the world and the country at a campaign rally Monday morning. The Republican presidential frontrunner said global warming is a threat, but "it will be of the nuclear variety."

Trump also poked fun at the language used to refer to global warming, such as climate change and extreme weather. "They have changed the name so often. They just weren't working," Trump commented at a campaign event in La Crosse, Wisconsin today. Transcript of his remarks below:

TRUMP: They said Donald Trump wants to arm, with nuclear, Asia. Of course I don't want to do that...

President Obama said the single greatest problem that the world has and our country has is global warming. Okay. No, think about it. I mean, he actually said that. I went back and I said, please check, because maybe he said it as a joke. Maybe he said it -- he said global warming is our biggest problem.

We have problems, okay. We have big problems. We may have a global warming problem, but it will be of the nuclear variety if we don't have smart people in office and soon. And soon. Global warming is not our biggest problem, folks. Believe me.

Do you ever notice they have global warming, they have extreme weather? They have named it so many different times, now I hear they call it extreme weather a little bit more. But they have changed the name so often, right, so often. They just weren't working. The names. And forget that. We have a problem, and the problem is nuclear, and we have to be very careful.

Trump's full La Crosse, Wisconsin rally below:

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