Secretary of Commerce: "I Don't Understand" Hillary Clinton's Flip Flop On TPP, It Is Still "The Gold Standard"


Penny Pritzker, the current Secretary of Commerce, expresses confusion about Hillary Clinton's stance against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Clinton, who served as Secretary of State while the deal was in its early stages of negotiation, called the deal the "Gold Standard" of trade deals in 2012, a strong endorsement.

Pritzker says yes, the deal "evolved" since 2012, "but it has evolved to be better -- not worse."

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"I don't understand that conclusion. Frankly, having looked at this agreement, studied this agreement, it is the Gold Standard," Pritzker said. "It is the toughest trade agreement out there in the world."

JOHN HEILEMANN: So what changed? Just as a matter of her position? Did the agreement change in some substantial way between 2012 and 2016 -- I know it was negotiated in that period. How did it evolve? What is the basis on which you go from calling it the "Gold Standard" to not supporting it or finding it acceptable.

PENNY PRITZKER: I don't understand that conclusion. Because frankly, having looked at this agreement, studied this agreement, it is the Gold Standard. It is the toughest trade agreement out there in the world.

Can you pick holes in the agreement? Of course any negotiation there is a give and take. But frankly the idea that twelve countries have come together and said we're going to lower tariffs, raise labor standards...

TPP creates an absolute level playing field for American companies... It has evolved. But it has evolved to be better not worse.

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