Roger Stone: Convention "Day Of Rage" To Target Rogue Delegations, Will Be a "Reverse-Alinsky"


On Bloomberg's With All Due Respect Monday, Roger Stone, a former adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, discusses the state of the GOP front-runner’s campaign, the battle for delegates and the possibility of “days of rage” protests at this summer’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

"It entails enormous demonstration," Stone said. "It could entail protests at certain targeted hotels where delegations who are involved in the 'big steal' are staying."

"It will be non-violent," Stone added. "It's a reverse-Alinsky."

Last week, Stone made a call for "non-violent" protests at the convention.

In 2012 the Republican National Convention Rules Committee voted to unseat delegates who "went against their obligation to vote for the candidate they are bound to."

"Under the rules, violating a binding pledge would be considered by the committee as submitting a resignation as a delegate, and the vote would be adjusted to allocate the vote in line with the delegate’s pledge," BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller reported at the time.

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