Mika Brzezinski Dumbfounded: Clinton Wants George Stephanopoulos To Moderate Debates?; "Didn't He Work For Them?"


Hillary Clinton told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week on Sunday that she would participate in a debate on ABC's Good Morning America -- another show hosted by Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos rose to early prominence as a communications director for the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign of Bill Clinton.

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WILLIE GEIST: The latest back-and-forth between Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders over debates -- The Sanders campaign said yesterday they accepted an invitation from NBC News for a Sunday night primetime debate on April 10...

Less than an hour later, ABC news posted an article saying Clinton had agreed to an April 15 debate on Good Morning America...

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Wait a minute? She wants to do a debate with George Stephanopoulos as the moderator?

... Didn't he work for her?


BRZEZINSKI: Didn't he donate to the Clinton Foundation?


BRZEZINSKI: I'm serious. Are you kidding me?

WELKER: Absolutely serious...

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BRZEZINSKI: Jonathan Capehart, help me understand, tell me if I'm going down the wrong path here. It appears the Clinton campaign wants to do either a debate that no one will see, or a debate with a moderator that might not be completely fair towards Bernie Sanders. What do you think of the concept of a GMA debate with George Stephanopoulos.

JONATHAN CAPEHART: I think a debate on GMA fits into the first part of your question--

BRZEZINSKI: What about the second part of my question?

JONATHAN CAPEHART: ...As for the second part about George Stephanopoulos, I'm not going to get into that, it has been out there he has donated to the Clinton foundation, and yes he worked for President Clinton in the early 90s, but I'm not going to get into George's credibility or his motivations...

BRZEZINSKI: Am I overstating trying to choose a moderator on GMA by the Clinton campaign that actually worked for the Clintons?

HAROLD FORD: In all fairness to George...

JOE SCARBOROUGH: If I'm going against you, I'm not going to let you have your chief of staff moderat our debate. From the House days, and you wouldn't let my chief of staff.

HAROLD FORD: He was her husband's communications director

ABC would have to make that decision...

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