Donald Trump Posts Over-the-Top Cinematic Fan-Made Campaign Ad: "The Trump Effect"


Donald Trump posted this fan-made parody ad on his Twitter and Facebook accounts Monday morning. Esquire Magazine calls it "maybe the worst commerical of all time", but they admit they "can't stop watching it" either.

The ad, from a techincal standpoint, is a really good parody of the original trailer for the sci-fi video game Mass Effect 2.

"Amazing" comments Kotaku:

Trump didn’t make the Trump Effect ad of course; he credits another Twitter account, who credits a YouTube account, which redirects to “Commander Trumpard.” It’s entirely possible that whoever made it initially meant it as a troll. Whatever the origins, Trump has seen it and deemed it worthy enough to share/endorse. What a time to be alive.

The source is available below:

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