Ann Coulter: Trump Could "Crush" Electoral College With Only A Slight Increase In The White Vote In Several Key States


Ann Coulter comments on Donald Trump's interview this week with Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes and the myth of the media backing Donald Trump: "I've been right from the beginning. Try to find me on TV. I'm what's known as a Trump supporter. Banned."

[relevant portion beginning around 11:00]

ANN COULTER: I don't think [Rubio voters] have [smoothly transitioned into supporting Cruz]. Not the actual voters...

Everyone keeps assuming, as they did with Romney. Any vote that is not for Donald Trump must be, I hate Donald Trump with the burning passion of 1,000 suns... That hasn't been true.

This guy I've never heard of-- I don't know if you've ever heard of him, talkradio host in [Wisconsin], Charlie Sykes. He is a #NeverTrump, but he has Trump on his show and all he has is a bunch of platitudes and denounciations: That's not who we are.

Can we talk about policy? I'm pretty sure my guy Donald Trump is always going to win on policy. Like liberals, all platitutdes, it's not who we are, our character, he is mean.

Again, back to who will build the wall, who will keep out dangerous immigrants, or actually give a crap about American workers.

Charlie Sykes -- someone none of us have ever heard of-- is suddenly the star of MSNBC and CNN once he comes out against Trump. You can't turn on the TV without [seeing him]...

I've been right since --I'll give it five days after-- June 16, the Mexican rapists speech, it took me at least five days to think, wow he isn't backing down. And I'm on the record...

I've been right from the beginning. Try to find me on TV. I'm what's known as a Trump supporter. Banned.

How a small shift in the white vote in a few key states could flip the electoral caucus easily.

Maybe the Democrats have changed the country enough through the 1965 Immigration Act, that the entire country already is California, and there is no way a Republican is ever wins another presidential nomination. Perhaps. But I don't think so, I probably wouldn't have written that book [Adios America].

If it is still possible for any Republican to win, there is absolutely only one Republican that can possibly win. Look at the states Romney won, and Trump isn't going to lose any of those. Places he is going to lose votes that Romney got are places like Connecticut --blue state, we're not going to get it and we don't need it. These anxious snooty blue states. Or a deep red state like Utah, where okay, maybe he won't get as many votes as Mormon Romney, but Republicans are going to win.

Bill Clinton came in third in Utah in 1992, the Republicans are gonna win Utah. So the states where-- I don't see any states Romney won where Trump doesn't win.

Where [Trump] needs to win is the industrial midwest, some of the purple states on the coast, and contrary to what the media has been telling us -- Thanks to this guy Stuart Stevens who lost a winnable campaign in 2012, they have this idea there are no more white votes to be had.

Romney lost the white vote. Or nearly lost the white vote in ten major purple states.

Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, N.H., Maine, Illinois, Colorado, have I named ten yet?

[Editor's note: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin?]

If Trump can slightly increase the white vote in these big industrial states in the midwest.

And by the way, Maine went for Ross Perot, I think Trump will be popular there.

All he needs is a handful of states.

Oh! And Florida! Not only did Trump win Florida, which I haven't even considered, I'm just looking at how Trump could possibly crush the electoral college by slightly increasing the white vote in certain states.

Stuart Stevens doesn't seem to understand that we have the electoral college. It doesn't matter, it is great that Romney got 88% of the white vote in Mississippi, that didn't help Massachusetts where he got 40%.

GOP strategist Stuart Stevens responds to Ann Coulter with this Tweeted video:

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