Hillary: Bernie Sanders Didn't Condemn Trump Abortion Comments Strongly Enough


Hillary Clinton takes a swipe at Democratic rival Bernie Sanders for not condemning Donald Trump's comments on abortion strongly enough.

This was "absolutely not" just another stupid Trump comment, she explains.

RACHEL MADDOW: I spoke with your Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders, after this happened, and he was critical of Mr. Trump's remark, but he also said it was just another Donald Trump stupid remark, that the media will cover ad nauseum, as opposed to something like his position on the minimum wage or taxes, that might be more deserving of attention, do you think this was just another Donald Trump stupid comment.

HILLARY CLINTON: No, absolutely not. I've been on the front lines of the fight to preserve a woman's choice and ability to make these difficult decision, that is why I was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood action fund, that is why I was endorsed by NARAL, I am a leader in trying to make sure that our rights as women as in no way eroded.

And to think that this is an issue that is not deserving of reaction demonstrates a lack of understanding of how serious this is. It goes to the heart.

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