Woman to Donald Trump: Can You Follow Your Sons' Example And Act A Little Less "Reactionary" Please?


COOPER: We have time for one more question from the audience. This is Andy Bowen, she's from Shorewood, and homeschools her two daughters. She says she's leaning in your favor for the primary next week. Andy, welcome.

TRUMP: Thank you. Hi, Andy.

QUESTION: Thank you, hi, Mr. Trump. My 93-year-old father is so impressed with all of your kids.

TRUMP: That's good.

QUESTION: Especially with your two sons. And, when they're on television being interviewed, he will often say, "Why can't Donald Trump be more like his sons, who are so..."


TRUMP: ... I hear that. I know.

QUESTION: ... who are so well spoken, and calm. And, so my question to you, Mr. Trump, is could you possibly look to your sons as examples how not to be quite so reactionary? And, also, congratulations on raising such fine young people...

TRUMP: ...Thank you very much. I think I love that question, can I be honest?


TRUMP: I have so many compliments on my children, and Ivanka is doing phenomenally well.

My boys are great Baron is a young version, I think, of Eric, frankly, because they're very tall, and they look alike, etcetera, etcetera.

But, Don, and Eric, and Baron are just spectacular people, and you know? I get so many compliments. Ivanka, is Ivanka, you know? You know Ivanka very well, you've had her on your show, and she's a star. She's absolutely a start, and so supportive of me, and so supportive what I'm doing. And, they do have great attitude.

I do, I get so many people come up to my office, and they want to have their children come up and meet me because they want their children to be like mine.

COOPER: Do you sometimes wish you had a little bit more of what she called, "calmness"?

TRUMP: My children have a lot of drive. You don't want to see them sometimes, I will say this. They're very strong. They are very -- they have great heart. They have great heart. All of my children have a wonderful, wonderful feeling for people, they love people. That's why they want me to do what I'm doing, because they know I'd do it well.

They know I'll bring the country -- you know, we have the expression, "Make America Great Again". They know I will make America Great again. The world isn't going to take advantages of us anymore.

You look at what the world is doing to us at every level, whether it's militarily, or in trade, or in so many other levels, the world is taking advantage of the United States and it's driving us into literally being a third world nation.

Anderson, I travel all over the world, and I land at airports the likes of which you've never seen, whether it's in Qatar, or Dubai, or places in China. The likes of which you have never seen, and then we come home and we land at LaGuardia with potholes all over the place, or LAX, or Kennedy, or Newark, and you look at what we have and where we've gone.

It's time to rebuild our country.

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