John Kasich Laughs At Trump's Foreign Policy Platform: "It Speaks For Itself, Doesn't It?"


BRIAN KILMEADE: Donald Trump went into detail... on his foreign policy [this week]. Among them: NATO is antiquated. We're going to sell nuclear weapons to Japan and South Korea if China doesn't get its act together, and he wants Saudi Arabia to pay their way or we'll stop buying oil from them. Where do you stand?

JOHN KASICH: I think that's the most ridiculous outlined foreign policy I've ever heard.

I think he said he wanted to use nuclear weapons against ISIS.

[In an interview last week, Trump answered a question about the use of nuclear weapons, and said he wanted to leave the threat on the table but he would never use nuclear weapons first]

Nuclear weapons?! And to say NATO. You know what I've said about NATO because you follow the news. NATO needs to be transformed...

Let Japan and Korea develop nuclear weapons? This is somebody who doesn't understand foreign policy, just doesn't know it. It speaks for itself doesn't it?

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