Laura Ingraham to Erick Erickson: Could You Write An Op-Ed On Explaining Why You Prefer Clinton to Trump?


LAURA INGRAHAM: Phyllis Schlaffly and Pat Buchanan combined probably have eighty years, ninety years in the conservative movement, do you find them to be conservative people?


LAURA INGRAHAM: Okay, so they're conservative, do you think Jeff Sessions is a conservative?


LAURA INGRAHAM: Okay, so the three of them together are conservatives, and they have all either endorsed Trump or been very sympathetic to Trump. Correct?


LAURA INGRAHAM: So why are they right and you're wrong? Or why are you right and they're wrong?

ERICK ERICKSON: Well, because I don't think that Donald Trump is a conservative. In fact, you go on Fox News, and half the people say he is and half say he isn't.

I don't think Trump's a conservative, I'm certainly not going to support him.

LAURA INGRAHAM: So do you think Phyllis [Schlaffley], and [Pat] Buchanan and [Jeff] Sessions, they do know conservatism, do they not?

ERICK ERICKSON: They do know conservatism, but I think they are wrong.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Do you have more experience in fighting conservative battles than in the most critical moments in our modern history, or do they?

ERICK ERICKSON: I think they have a lot more history than me, they're a lot older than me.

LAURA INGRAHAM: It is not about age, it is about what you have actually done for the conservative movement. And again... I've always liked you, I think you're a wonderful person, and you're really sharp and I think you're a great writer... I just want us to win.

ERICK ERICKSON: Trump is not going to win... He's losing to Hillary in the latest polling...

LAURA INGRAHAM: Could you write an op-ed for your site, or for another site, about why Hillary Clinton will be a better commander in chief than Donald Trump? And would you pen that?

ERICK ERICKSON: I don't think either of them are good, why do you want to make it binary? We can run another candidate. It is not a binary choice for me...

LAURA INGRAHAM: My point is, Hillary is gonna win... You want to beat Hillary, correct? I do too...

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