Trump: Obama "Amateur Hour" in Cuba; Should've "Turned Plane Around" When Castro Didn't Greet Him


Trump blasts President Obama for not coming home when Cuban dictator Raúl Castro did not greet him when his plane landed in Cuba. "Honestly, Obama should have turned the plane around and left," Trump said. "He should have! He should have turned it around, and said, bye bye, he's not here?"

DONALD TRUMP: We are amateur hour folks, [he said about President Obama's trip to Cuba].

Amateur hour! And honestly, Obama should have turned the plane around and left, he should have. He should have turned it around and said byebye, he's not here?

And I'm not knocking Castro, if they can get away with this stuff, they're making a great deal. Because they're making a deal, it is fine to do it.. but honestly, number one, it should never happen, but if it did happen, it's called: Byebye. Get in your plane and go home, but [Obama] got in the car and drove, nobody to shake his hand.

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