Maher: Democratic Position On Immigration Has Morphed Into "You Get Across That River, You're Here To Stay"


Bill Maher said after watching the recent Democratic primary debate co-hosted by Univision he realize there was a "real change" in the Democratic party's position on illegal immigration. It used to be comprehensive immigration reform, Maher said, now it's "you get across that river, you're here to stay."

"Did you see the Democratic debate on Univision about a week ago?" Maher asked on Friday's edition of his HBO show Real Time. "Because there has been a real change with the Democrats, too. Mission Creep, I would call it. I understand their position was comprehensive immigration reform. Now, in front of Univision, it seems to have morphed into, 'you get across that river, you're here to stay.'"

"I don't think that's really what was said," guest panelist Sister Simone Campbell, a liberal activist, said.

"Well, it certainly wasn't what Hillary said two years ago, which was 'we have to send a clear message. Just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay,'" Maher quoted.

"She's changed her tune a lot from that," Maher commented.

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