China Uncensored: What Does China Think Of Donald Trump?


Chris Chapel, host of "China Uncensored" explains what they are saying about the US presidential candidate in China. "After Trump's comments [about Tienenman Square], a bunch of Chinese human rights lawyers released this open letter, they criticize Trump for his "envy of the brutal regime which caused such a horrific massacre."

"What does Chinese state-run media say about Trump? Earlier this month several media published this slideshow titled: 'Erratic Trump is actually winner at life,' which started off by calling Trump a fu-er-dai, that's slang for second generation rich. Which you could also say a lot about communist party and national leaders, who are actually pretty hated in China... seen as 'more tasteless versions of Paris Hilton.'"

Next, "it's my favorite state-run media: Global Times."

"Yes, Chinese media is calling Donald Trump a racist and extremist, big mouthed, and anti-traditional. Wait -- the CCP -- the ones who [destroyed Buddhist relics] are using anti-traditional as a slur? But anyway, don't get me wrong. The Communist Party doesn't actually hate Trump, they love Trump, in the same very specific way Trump loves China... Because China is the perfect boogieman in U.S. election politics. Likewise for Chinese media, Trump is the perfect way to attack the evil American boogieman, Democracy."

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