Bill O'Reilly: I'm Being "Demonized" For Covering Trump Fairly, "Read My Lips -- I Don't Care"


BILL O'REILLY: It is becoming clear that many, perhaps most, in the media believe that journalists are not acting responsibly unless they are condemning Trump, labeling the man a bigot or worse:

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC HOST: "There was a moment in the debate when Clinton and Sanders were asked if Donald Trump is a racist and they both gave answers that basically said, yes, but did not say the words, Donald Trump is a racist. You tweeted this. 'I didn't realize this was a question. Behaves like a racist, speaks like a racist, of course, real Donald Trump is a racist.' Should they have just said that?"


BILL DE BLASIO (D), NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: "I said the way he`s using his racial appeal is extraordinarily cynical. We talk a lot lately about dog whistles and coded language. He`s gone way past that to overt language. And I think, therefore, we have to use overt language and call him the racist he is."

Mayor De Blasio echoing the far-left view, which is what he always does.

Not since the pre-civil rights south has the vicious head of bigotry been raised so prominently in political circles.

No question the racist tag will be front and center in the upcoming presidential campaign should Donald Trump get the Republican nomination. That will be the centerpiece of attacks against him.

Trump himself does not seem fazed, nor do his supporters. But in order to become president Mr. Trump will need about 65 million Americans to vote for him and his opposition believes the racist tag will drive minority and on the fence voters away.

The question then becomes, how do responsible and fair-minded press people cover the Trump campaign when the race card is being used as an axe?

Last night on The Factor we talked with Jorge Ramos, lead anchor for Univision.

The topic was a question: How can that network possibly cover Mr. Trump fairly when they have already branded him anti-Hispanic? The segment is posted on

During our debate, Mr. Ramos said this:

RAMOS: "I think you have to be tougher on Donald Trump. You haven't been tough on him."

O'REILLY: "I have been, listen, I have confronted Donald Trump in ways -"

RAMOS: "How many times you have confronted him?"

O'REILLY: "He has told me that I'm unfair, okay? So, I'm not going to get into me. I want to bring it back to you."

RAMOS: "You talk to him so many times and you ..."

O'REILLY: "Yes, tonight before you."

RAMOS: "And you and Sean Hannity, you let him get away with anything."

O'REILLY: "No, no, no, no, no. I don't let him get away with anything. I confront him."

RAMOS: "With almost everything."

O'REILLY: "That's not true."

Now, Talking Points is used to that kind of stuff.

Overnight we received about 3,000 emails, and as usual reaction to the Trump interview yesterday was all over the place.

I'm too kind to him, I'm condescending, I'm unfair to the candidate, I'm in the tank, on and on. We'll read some of your letters later.

But the reaction is mostly based on how the viewer feels about Donald Trump, not what actually took place in my interview with him.

As far as Mr. Ramos is concerned, he seems to be on another planet.

Here's The Factor record and you can look it up, everything is on line.

In the beginning of his campaign I directly told Mr. Trump that Mexico would not pay for the border wall, even if economic reprisals were taken against that country.

Simply put, no Mexican politician could survive in office if he or she agreed to that.

I suggested to the candidate that a mass deportation of illegal aliens would be tied up in federal court for years, effectively shutting that policy down.

Same thing with temporarily barring Muslims from entering the USA. Courts would block that, the hearings would take forever.

We also investigated Trump's statement about thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating after the 9/11 attack and found it to be exaggerated.

In addition, I suggested to the candidate that Muslim nations are needed to defeat the jihadists and America would be wise not to alienate them.

Also, I told Donald Trump that John McCain is a hero, that Carly Fiorina's appearance was no issue, that Megyn Kelly's question about women was legit, and just last night that rhetorical mudslinging will not make America great again.

I said all this to his face.

I could list dozens of other issues where I have challenged Donald Trump sometimes to his great annoyance.

But I also allow him his say and to his credit he comes into this tough forum. He's not afraid, as many other politicians are.

Trump is accessible to the voters, a very good thing. The press does not intimidate him and he curries no favor.

Now I like Jorge Ramos; he's no phony. But he's blind on the Trump issue and has no bleeping clue about what we do here.


Maybe Jorge objects because I will not brand Trump a racist, he's not he doesn't care what color or race somebody is.

It is not racist to shut down illegal immigration or brand Islamic terrorism as a deep threat.

It is not a mark of fascism to hold other countries accountable for treating America unfairly.

In addition, I am not in the nit-picking business. Trump and every other politician misspeak at times. The gotcha game is cheap and boring.

For example, if you really believe Donald Trump is courting the KKK, you need to get some fresh air.

It is my job to give you the American voter insights into those seeking power.

I do that in a variety of ways, and you will learn more from The Factor than most other news programs.

You don't stay number one for 16 years by spinning shilling or selling out.

Donald Trump is the most important political story in decades. We will cover him fairly, allowing you to decide whether or not he has the right stuff to be president.

For that we will be demonized and attacked by those who despise Trump.

To quote President Bush the elder -- read my lips, I don't care!

Trump deserves fair coverage, as do all the other candidates including Hillary Clinton.

Sadly few media outlets will provide fair coverage in this election cycle.

Trump has changed all the rules because he has broken many of them himself.

Jorge Ramos and other press folks are out to get him.

We are not.

We are out to cover him.

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