Gingrich: "I'm Not Sympathetic To Erick Erickson," It's Trump Or Cruz, Anything Else Helps Clinton


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich comes out strongly against any attempt in the Republican Party to try to prevent Donald Trump from winning the nomination, and explains how Trump could run a "shattering" campaign against Hillary Clinton.

First Gingrich reacts to an article in the Washington Post calling for the Republican Party to use any means neccesary to stop Trump.

NEWT GINGRICH: Look. I think the hysteria of the left is just going to get worse and worse all summer, the Post is typical of that. They can somehow swallow 2,000 confidential and classified emails by Hillary Clinton, they can swallow $2 billion at the Clinton Foundation, they can swallow all kinds of conflict with Hillary, because afterall she is on the left, and she is of the true faith.

It is going to get worse, I predict, when it begins to sink in that Trump is going to be prepared to go into the African-American community to actually go into neighborhoods, that Democrats think are closed to Republicans, you had someone the other day on MSNBC said he shouldn't campaign in Chicago or St. Louis or Cleveland because of the history of racially sensitive shootings. Now the idea that an American candidate for the American presidency has any neighborhood they don't go into shows you just how far the left has gone towards thinking it owns the country.

The Washington Post is part of the left, unfortunately. That editorial represents accurately the hysteria of the left...

I think Donald Trump actually has a slogan "Make America Great Again," which could apply to every American. I think Trump, in Southside Chicago, saying Make America Great Again means your children shouldn't be killed, your schools should actually work, there should be jobs in your neighborhood.

I think that would shatter the fabric of the Democratic Party, and expose the degree to which they have exploited poor people without actually helping them. I think it would be very healthy for America.

Gingrich also warns that if Donald Trump is the nominee, we will see incredible activist attacks against him.

NEWT: I think it would lead to Madison, Wisconsin-scale opposition by the left, remember Scott Walker had some 80 threats -- his wife got a note saying he may become a widow, if Governor Walker continued to implement his reforms... it was hysterical.

And I think they have a real likelihood of losing this year.

Gingrich also responds to Erick Erickson and other conservatives who are speculating about organizing a third party.

NEWT GINGRICH: Here's what the old line Washington establishment doesn't get, there are only two candidates would could be nominated -- one is Ted Cruz, the other is Donald Trump.

The best way for Cruz to be the nominee, and he understands this, is to beat Trump in the primary, and he is working very hard to do this. Lets say Cruz... comes short. That doesn't mean there's going to be a third candidate. So the establishment gets to choose, do you want Ted Cruz who is an outsider? Or do you want Donald Trump who is an outsider? But there's not going to be a third candidate...

One of these two outsiders is going to be nominated, and anybody who tried to sneak in at the last moment would find Trump and Cruz opposed to them, and they would simply be crushed. Those two guys are going to have over 80% of the delegates between them...

Every undecided delegate will get a chance to ride in Trump's helicopter, his airplane, they'll get to visit the Trump Winery.

Donald Trump is a great salesman, he understands what he's doing. He wrote The Art of The Deal, and he is a good negotiator.

Ted Cruz is very, very smart. You'd have a very healthy competition between these two guys. But my point to the Washington establishment is: There's no third choice. There's not going to be some magical gun with delegates. Those delegates are Americans who know what they're doing, they're going to be wired together by social media --could you imagine if you were the last delegte who was a deciding vote?-- Donald would call and say how'd you like to come to Florida for a few days with me? Cruz will say, have you ever seen all of Texas?

You would be wined and dined.

MARTHA MACCALLUM: What do you think of the Erick Ericksons of the world? Who are meeting in Washington, and John Boehner saying what about Paul Ryan. What's your message to them?

DONALD TRUMP: Have fun. It is an amusing parlour game, it means nothing in the world. If it makes you feel better?


I'm not sympathetic at all to the Erick Ericksons of the world.

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