Bill Kristol: Third Party Candidacy Against Trump "Tough To Win, Not Impossible"


Bill Kristol opines on a potential independent bid by conservatives who want to stop Trump. Kristol commented Trump has been "lucky" in winning key states by a small margin, but conceded "now he looks strong." Kristol said it "would be tough to win, but not impossible."

"Those headlines probably seemed plausible at 8:00 last night," Kristol said of a third-party Republican establishment candidate. "If Missouri had gone a different way, with 2,000 votes it could have been a different outcome, but Trump has been both a good candidate and pretty lucky in winning key states by a small margin and now he looks to be strong."

"We'll see what happens in Arizona and so forth. Yeah, I think a lot of conservatives, some conservatives, I shouldn't exaggerate, are looking at an independent Republican candidate. You could put someone on the ballot pretty easily," Kristol said Wednesday on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

"I've looked a little," Kristol investigated. "It would be tough to win, but not impossible. I think the key numbers, the one you guys showed a little bit ago, which is how many Republicans don't want to vote for Donald Trump in the general election. It's 30, 40%."

"Doesn't your third-party scenario make Hillary Clinton president for the next four, maybe eight years?" co-host Willie Geist asked.

"I think Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination makes Hillary Clinton president for the next four years, probably. I would say there's some chance that that third party person could take off if Trump finally blows up," Kristol said.

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