Ben Ginsberg Explains: What Happens To Marco Rubio's Delegates?


MSNBC: Ben Ginsberg, Republican attorney, explains what happens to Marco Rubio's delegates now that he has suspended his campaign, and the role that unbound delegates play in the Republican primary process.

"Rubio's delegates, it depends on the law of the individual states. Most of them will be unbound. So that is a big story of this evening. That another 159 delegates go into the unbound pool on the first ballot for a front-runner shy of a majority to pick from," Ginsberg explained.

Ginsberg said a Rubio endorsement does not bind his delegates to that candidate.

"It is a suggestion, not a command," Ginsberg said of an endorsement.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow also asks if delegates can be bought off.

"It is funny and creepy in sort of equal measure. But to be specific about it, would it be illegal or would it be disallowed for a delegate to accept literally a suitcase full of cash in exchange for their allegiance at the convention?" Maddow asked the famed Republican lawyer.

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