Bernie Sanders: We Must Fight Climate Change "In Military Terms," Fossil Fuel Money Controls GOP


BERNIE SANDERS: I know people will disagree with me. In World War II, for example, you know, the united states had to fight a war on two fronts in a very short period of time. And within three years, actually, we had essentially won the war. I look at climate change almost in military tems. I look at the fact that if we do not significantly reduce carbon emissions, there's going to be massive damage done to our planet and our country.

CHUCK TODD: You marshalled that kind of--

BERNIE SANDERS: You've got to look at it almost as a war-like -- we are being attacked. And the attack is coming from climate change. You know what that means? That's going to mean more extreme weather disturbances. Look at what's going on in california in terms of drought. You'll have, the cia tells us, more international conas people's fight over limited natural resources. Now, what really shocks me, and should shock every student here, is you've got a republican party with few exceptions that refuses to even acknowledge the reality of climate change, let alone do something about it. And you know what that's about? It's not that the republicans don't understand science, it is that they are dependent for their campaign contributions on the fossil fuel industry which takes us to the most important issue, and that is the feed to overturn Citizens United and end the corrupt campaign finance system. Which is, if I may say so, I'm proud, I'm not getting money from Wall Street or the fossil fuels --

CHUCK TODD: Secretary Clinton hit you for being a one-campaign issue, and you bring it back to essentially Wall Street.

BERNIE SANDERS: I believe in this great country, of the United States Congress is dominated by Wall Street, and big money interests to have huge influence over the political process, of course I do. I don't think that is in doubt. You've got to not know anything to fought understand that. Let me repeat this. Secretary Clinton has super PACs. She gets millions of dollars from Wall Street.

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