Rubio: Florida Results "Won't Alter" Campaign, "Nobody In This Race Is On Pace To Get 1,237 Delegates"


Sen. Marco Rubio talks to FOX News about the future of his campaign if he loses the Republican presidential primary in his home state of Florida tonight.

RUBIO: Our plan is to continue forward in this campaign. As I said, my campaign’s never been built on winning in one particular state. Obviously, we’re moving forward onto Utah and Arizona and we’d love to go into Utah and Arizona with the momentum of a win in Florida. The bottom line is there is nobody in this race right now that is on pace to get 1,237 delegates. I believe that’s the ideal outcome. I believe the ideal outcome in this campaign is to have someone not named Donald Trump coalesce the party with 1,237 delegates and go on to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. No one right now is on pace right now to do that, not even Donald Trump and if he is the nominee of course he’s not going to be able to unite the party in fact I think he’ll bitterly divide it . Ultimately, our goal here is not just to win but to prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency which would be deeply damaging to this presidency

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