Marco Rubio Suspends Campaign, Critiques GOP: "We Should Have Seen This Coming," "Warning Signs For A Decade"


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio suspends his presidential camapign at a speech in Miami following his loss to Donald Trump.

"Most of all, I know first hand that ours is a special nation," Rubio said. "That's how I've decided that I too can run for president of the U.S.A.... From a political standpoint, the easiest thing to do in a campaign would be to jump on all those anxieties... to make people angrier, more frustrated. But I chose a different route and I am proud of it."

"That would have been the easiest way to win, but it is not good for America," he continued. "The politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party, it will leave us a fractured country."

"Where we find ourselves at this point is not surprising, the warning signs were clear for close to a decade," Rubio said. "2010 the Tea Party wave carried me and others into office because not enough was happening, and that Tea Party gave Republicans a majority in the House but nothing changed. In 2014, that wave gave Republicans a majority the Senate and still nothing changed."

"I blame some of that on the conservative movement. A movement that is supposed to be about our ideas. But I blame most of it on our political establishment, a political establishment that for far too long has looked down at conservatives as simple minded people... as bomb throwers."

"A political establishment that has for far too long taken conservatives' votes for granted, and that has grown to confuse cronyism for capitalism and big business for free enterprise. I endeavored to bridge this divide... America needs a vibrant conservative movement, but one that is built on principles and ideas, not on anger, not on preying on peoples' frustrations..."

"But we also need a new political outlook in our party,not one that looks down on people outside of the District of Columbia, that doesn't tell young people that they need to wait their turn and wait in line, and not one that is more interested in winning elections than it is about standing by principles."

"After tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, we are not on the winning side... I ask the American people, do not give in to the fear. Do not give in to the frustration... We are a hopeful people and we have every right to be."

Video via the Rubio campaign.

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