Krauthammer: Republican Race Has Been Clarified, Nomination Fight Is Between Trump and Cruz


Charles Krauthammer says results from Tuesday's primaries indicate the Republican nomination fight is between solely Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I've never been Trump's warmup, so I'll try to rise to that occasion. Usually Chris Christie does that these days. I'll take his place. I think it's clear. Several of the novels have now been written. On the Democratic side, it's really over. There is really no way that is conceivable that Hillary is going to lose this in the normal way by delegates. It's either an act of god or an act of the FBI head that would take it away from her.

In the absence of those, it's an interesting story it's going to have effects in the future. Sanders is going to leave a legacy. But it's over as a matter of who is going to be the nominee.

On the other side, it's equally obvious. It's either going to be a Trump or Cruz. The likelihood is it's not going to be decided before the convention unless there is a deal made behind the scenes. Kasich, I think, survives as a possible kingmaker. Rubio retains his delegates. Possibly when the numbers they have could be the decisive difference in deciding whether Trump or Cruz is the nominee. It will be one of those two. It's inconceivable that it would be anybody else. So I think a lot has been clarified.

And one other thing is Rubio will have a place in the future of the party. Obviously it wasn't his year. Kasich, I think is going to have a place in this year, as well, ut he's not going to be the nominee. So a lot has been clarified tonight.

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