Newt Gingrich: "Saddened By Republicans Who Blame Trump" For Chaos In Chicago


On 'Hannity,' former House speaker Newt Gingrich slams Donald Trump's disruptors.

NEWT GINGRICH: The actions Friday night clearly were left-wing fascism, I'm really saddened by Republicans who want to blame Trump. Donald Trump wasn't the reason, as you point out -- Condi Rice got cancelled, Ayan Hirsi Ali was canceled on campus. You have this entire movement of fascism which is saying, if you don't agree with me I'm going to shut up your right to speak, I'm going to intimidate you, bully you. And they are terrified of Donald Trump because he seems to be strong enough and dynamic enough to take them head on.

But it is worse than that in the news media. You have on MSNBC for example, Rachel Maddow saying that for Donald Trump to go to Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, is provocative because of racial incidents that have occured in those cities.

Imagine an American television person saying that a presidential candidate shouldn't go to Chicago, Cleveland, or St. Louis. This is madness.

We have some obligation to say to the news media, you need to get off this Trump-bashing and report honestly. Not just in the presidential race, but on the campuses what is happening...

The sources of confusion and chaos are left-wing fascists who want to impose their way of life on us, they want to impose their values on us. Remember, the first really big test case was Scott Walker as Governor of Wisconsin, who had a key moment when he had thousands of people in the capitol... occupying the state capitol. They had lost the election fair and square, for governor, for state reps, for the senate, and their reaction was to take it to the streets and try to browbeat the governor.

I think if you see Trump win or Cruz win, if either one goes to Washington and brings real reform, you're going to see these kinds of militants go out and do everything they can in the streets to try to stop what they're losing at the ballot box.

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