Ted Cruz: "Donald Is A Disaster In The General Election," Brokered Convention Would Be Bigger Disaster


STEPHANOPOULOS: Both Marco Rubio and John Kasich have said what they're seeing right now is making it more difficult for them to support Mr. Trump if he's the nominee.

Is it making it more difficult for you?

TED CRUZ: Well, listen, the approach that Donald -- and I think if Donald Trump is the nominee, I think it is a disaster. I think it's a disaster for Republican, for conservatives; I think it's a disaster for the country and because if Donald is the nominee, it makes it much, much more likely that Hillary Clinton wins the general.

And I'll tell you, 65-70 percent of Republicans understand that, that Donald is a disaster in the general election. And the answer is not to cry in your beer about it. The answer is not what the Washington establishment is doing, which is trying to come up with some magical plan to have a brokered convention and parachute in some establishment candidate. That would be a complete disaster. You'd have a revolt.

If you want to beat Donald Trump, the answer is to beat him at the ballot box. And that's what we are doing. Our campaign is the only campaign now that has beaten him not once, not twice, not three times but eight different times, all over the country, literally from Alaska to Maine and everywhere in between. We are beating Donald Trump.

And, George, what we're seeing is we're seeing Republicans uniting behind our campaign because we are the only candidate that is in a position to beat Donald Trump, to earn 1,237 delegates and become the Republican nominee and we're seeing Republicans unite.

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