Bill Kristol: If Rubio Loses Florida, Jeb Bush's Negative Super PAC Ads Are To Blame


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: Bill Kristol, how much has he been enabled by the Repbublican Party? Marco Rubio said the media has some responsibility. How much has he been enabled by the Republicans themselves? Who refused to take him on earlier?

BILL KRISTOL, WEEKLY STANDARD: He's been considerably enabled. They were busy with the Bush SuperPAC, $120 million. How much of that was spent against Donald Trump? I think $5 million. $25 million against Rubio. If Rubio is going to lose on Tuesday, which he may, he may rally, part of it is because the Bush campaign dropped $20 million of negative ads on him in Florida. Cruz and Rubio spent more time fighting each other than Trump. The failure to denounce Trump.

I think rubio missed a huge chance at the end of the debate ten days ago, he was asked, could you still support Trump? He could have said, look, when I took the pledge in August, I thought I could support the nominee. Now I'm not sure. I think if he had crossed the bridge, it would have been a dramatic moment. He might have alienated a few people who think we need to support the nominee whoever it is, but I think a lot of the non-Trump voters who are 65% of the Republicans who have voted so far, would have rallied to Rubio.

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