Trump: Chicago Protesters Were "Professional People," Carrying Out "Planned Attack"


Speaking to supporters at an airplane hanger in Dayton, Ohio, Donald Trump discusses the violent protests last night outside one of his events in Chicago.

TRUMP: So let's address yesterday...

We had a tremendous raly in Chicago planned, we were going to have over 25,000 people, and the arena seated about 11,000, we had registered much more than 25,000, so what we did...

What happened was very interesting... these were great people, these were people like yourselves [in the audience], people that want to make America Great Again. And they were pouring into the arena, everything nice.

And all of a sudden, a planned attack. Came out of nowhere. Printed by people that were professional people, if you look at the posters, they're all printed, they have a mark on them, who made them? All done by a group. All very professionally done. A disgrace if you want to know the truth...

We made a decision, and I hated to do this, frankly, it would have been easier to go, but I didn't want to see anyone hurt, we could have had a problem, like you haven't seen in a long time.

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