Trump: "A Lot Of What You Saw Last Night Was Obama"


On Saturday morning's Fox & Friends, Donald Trump comments on the violent protests which forced him to cancel an appearance in Chicago on Friday night.

DONALD TRUMP: President Obama is a great divider. That's what you're seeing here. President Obama has greatly divided this nation.

There is division between black and white. There is division between economic groups.

He has done a terrible job in terms of unifying our country. President Obama should have been -- and had the advantage of being African-American-- of really bringing the country together. And I thought that was what was going to happen. I didn't know if he was going to be a good president. You can never tell.But I could tell you one thing I thought he was going to be a unifier. He has turned out to be a terrible unifier. he has turned out to be a divider.

A lot of what you saw last night was Obama.

Trump's full interview:

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