Sanders Supporter Ben Cohen: "Happy To Explore" The Claim That Anti-Trump Protesters Are "Paid Professionals"


Co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and Bernie Sanders supporter Ben Cohen speaks with Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto about the presence of Bernie Sanders supporters at violent anti-Donald Trump rallies in Chicago last night, and Donald Trump's claim that many of the protesters were "paid plants."

NEIL CAVUTO: There's talk out there, a number of papers have been reporting, that this was manufactured protests. That a lot of left wing groups sort of, signed up together to attend this event, maybe other Trump events, to just mess it up, cause a lot of controversy, get a lot of television attention and blame it all on Donald Trump.

BEN COHEN: I don't agree with that. I beleive that there are huge numbers of people that are totally disgusted with Donald Trump --

NEIL CAVUTO: You don't think there's a possibility then? I agree with you that there are many who would genuinely want to protest, but that others are sort of ginned up by the MediaMatters folks or others, Goerge Soros-sympathetic groups that might just show up?

BEN COHEN: You don't have to pay someone to come to a protest. Maybe some people said, hey let's go to a protest. I don't think these were paid professionals going out there, they were regular old people.

CAVUTO: But you can see what he is saying that some just come out of the blue? Show up and then later we come to find out they were recruited.

BEN COHEN: No, I don't know. I hear a bunch of lies coming out of his mouth. I am happy to explore it, but I don't have any facts and data about it.

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