Trump: "You Can Not Have A Rally In A Major City Anymore Without Violence"


Donald Trump calls in to MSNBC to discuss a Friday Chicago campaign rally that was canceled due to mass protests in the city streets and antics at the venue. At one point the microphone was hijacked by a person in the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump told MSNBC host for the "benefit of safety" he had to cancel the event.

"It's a little bad sad that we can't have a rally in a major city in this country," Trump lamented.

"People say this increases the vote for Trump. We had a peaceful rally and you're not allowed to have rally anymore in this country. We had a peaceful rally and in order to make sure nobody gets hurt, I said let's postpone the rally," Trump said.

"You can't have a rally in major city in this country anymore without violence or potential violence. I didn't want to see the real violence. That's why I decided the call it off. I met with law enforcement. I decided not to do it. It's very tough. A lot of people said this will increase it. This has nothing to do with my decision. I don't want the see people hurt," Trump explained his decision.

Chris Matthews told Trump "he should have predicted this" due to Chicago's ethnic diversity.

"When you set up rally in Chicago where it's mostly Hispanic and blacks, you knew there would be a lot of people that have the time to come out and protest your situation. It was no surprise here, was there in what happened? Given the venue of your event," Matthews observed.

"It shouldn't matter," Trump told the MSNBCer. "You're the first one to say it. It shouldn't matter whether it was whoever lives in the city. It shouldn't make a difference. Whether it's white, black, Hispanic, it shouldn't matter."

"They don't like what you're saying," Matthews told Trump. "They don't like what you're saying."

"We shouldn't be restricted from having rally here because of ethnic make up or anything like that," Trump said. "I'm somebody that feels strongly it shouldn't make any difference. You usually feel that too."

"I'm surprised you're bringing this up because it shouldn't matter," Trump scolded Matthews.

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