Elizabeth Warren: Republican Party Will "Pay The Price For Their Own Extremism"


Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the 2016 Republican presidential campaign that she says has Senate Republicans in a panic.

MADDOW: Is that crisis that they've tried to create, as you argue around the legitimacy of President Obama, is it specific to him? Or if one of Democratic candidates ends up winning the presidential election this year, are you concerned that Republican senators would keep that blockade even of the Supreme Court vacancy in place even after President Obama if there's a new Democrat elected?

WARREN: You know, we've been talking about this over and over. This is the party of no. This is the party of blockade.

This is the party that says, shut down the legal functioning of the government. I mean, really, I -- think about what that means when they say with this president -- they don't want him to put anybody at the NLRB because if the NLRB doesn't have a quorum, they can't function. And what does that mean? We lose our government agency that supposed to decide disputes between employers and employees. You just effectively shut that down.

They didn't want anybody at the CFPB because then they couldn't issue rules. Issue rules against payday lenders or mortgage servicers who were breaking the law. It's a shutdown approach.

Now, they've gone after President Obama for this from the beginning -- whether they would continue that or not, obviously, I don't have any way of knowing.

But I do know this: they are paying the price for their own extremism. It has now taken them by the throat. And so, when they stand up in the Senate and say, "Oh, my gosh, what's going to happen to us? We now may have a presidential nominee who is so extreme that he will pull us over the edge electorally and cause us a disaster in November."

The answer is: guys, this is what you did to yourselves. If you really want to stop it, stop it right now. Stand up and do your job.

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