Trump Butler: "Incredibly Generous," "Just A Nice Man"


Former Trump butler Tony Senecal defended Donald Trump in an interview with CNN's Carol Costello this morning.

"He's an incredibly generous person. He's been generous to his employees. He's generous to strangers. He's an entirely a nice guy. He's not the gruff person that people make him out to be. Sure, you attack him, he's going to fight back. But most of the time he's just a nice man. I lasted with him for 20 years, he had to be pretty good," Senecal said.

Senecal defended Trump as a patriot who wants what is best for the country.

"His interest in the American people. His patriotism. The man was born on Flag Day. He's a very patriotic person -- ahem, excuse me -- and he wants what's best for this country," he told CNN.

The former butler called BS on claims that Trump's water, magazine and steak businesses were unsuccessful ventures.

"That it wasn't true that he didn't have the water, that he didn't have the magazine, that he didn't have a steak. It is all bull," Senecal said.

Several years ago Newsmax ran a story on Senecal titled, The Real Story on Donald Trump.

The full CNN interview:

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