Fiorina Endorses: "It Is Now Time To Unite Behind Ted Cruz"


Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina endorses current contender Sen. Ted Cruz at a campaign rally in Miami.

"You know, I ran for the presidency because I think it's time to take our country back because I think we need real reform because we have too much economic and too much political power concentrated in the hands of too few people and I ran because we need a real constitutional conservative running in the White House," Fiorina said in her endorsement of the Texas Senator.

"So my fellow conservatives, my fellow Republicans, you have a very important job on Tuesday. And I say to you, it is time. It is time to take our party back. It is time to take our government back. It is time to take our country back. And so it is time now to unite behind the one man who can beat Donald Trump, who can beat Hillary Clinton, who can beat the cartel," Fiorina said.

"It's now time to unite behind Ted Cruz, ladies and gentlemen," Fiorina concluded.

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